We’re not so “Mini” anymore…

The Human-Powered Snowcone Machine

The Human-Powered Snowcone Machine

As we gather our bearings from last weekend’s successful event, the production team reflects in humbled awe at the quality and enthusiasm of our exhibiting makers. Our faire grew to 120 exhibitors and welcomed approximately 5,000 guests this year as we expanded our program to a two-day event, featured a panel of speakers who practice DIY innovation in different settings, added a concert for internationally-renowned music makers, and brought a taste of local creativity like no other event in Miami has ever done before.

Our Maker community grew larger last weekend as we were fortunate to host our friends from the Havana-based Fabrica de Arte Cubano mixed-use creative space. Eleven cuban makers created a pop-up workshop which showed faire guests the processes they have refined over a lifetime of scarcity due to the US trade embargo and Cuba’s own economic policies. Their exhibit embodied a culture truly based on important principles behind the maker movement; and their will to recreate, repurpose and reinvent the resources they have to create the things they need.

Led by the call of Moonlighter Fablab, our local Miami makers also activated the Miami Makers Pavilion. The center of the pavilion featured an interactive PVC structure that served as a unique entrance to the event which invited guests to rearrange and redesign the space to their aesthetic preferences. Watching the space change over the course of the weekend as activities occurred around it was a fascinating observation of how the public impacted the area. Interpretive dancing, impromptu brass band covers of popular pop songs, screams of delight from kids as they run from booth to booth sharing their creations, and moments of relaxation and quietly embracing the chaos; over 11,000 feet of PVC structure were assembled simultaneously provided sanctuary from and focus to the creativity of the faire. The centerpiece as well as many of the surrounding exhibitor’s crafts and wares were produced at Moonlighter, in collaboration with Home Eleven.


The Frost Science Pavillon showed a wonderful exhibit featuring aquaponic farming, discovery of basic animation technique by creating flipbooks, and understanding how important art and science are in our community. Partnering with the Frost Science Museum on this exhibit were DesignLab, REM Learning Center, Pérez Art Museum Miami, Stuffmaker, CAPPSCI Barge Project, and the ArtSail project from Art Center South Florida.

Rex the Nine-Foot Robot

Rex the Nine-Foot Robot

Passionate gratitude goes out to our numerous volunteers who were the hands and the ears of the team. Of particular note is our support from over 60 Florida International University Engineering and Computing students who cumulatively contributed over 500 hours of their time. Also, the Women in Computing and Society of Women Engineers was integral to teaching 300 attendees how to solder their very own Makey robot badge. Thank you so very much!

Showcasing the passion that many of these makers bring to our community is a profoundly rewarding experience for those who don’t often have the opportunity to flex their creative muscles, particularly for our youth. The Miami Mini Maker Faire exposes our guests to homegrown ingenuity, resourcefulness, and passion through our exhibits and demonstrations. Your participation and experiences help us tell a story of craftsmanship that is infectious and growing in our community and we’re honored to be the curators.

And beyond the support of our volunteers, exhibitors, and creators; we would be nowhere without the support of our sponsors.

I’ll leave you with the thoughts of others who experienced the event themselves and hope that we’ll see you next year. Can’t wait until then!

Mike Greenberg, on behalf of
The Miami Mini Maker Faire Team

Ric Herrero, MIA Made
Danny Lafuente, The LAB Miami
Steve Luis, FIU Computing and Information Sciences
Mike Greenberg, Hacklab North Boynton
James Herring, Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science
Daisy Nodal, Moonlighter Makerspace
Tom Pupo, Moonlighter Makerspace
Nola Garcia, StarBot
Ana Olman, MIA Made
Melissa Nobles, MIA Made

Mike Greenberg is a co-founder of Hacklab North Boynton, Palm Beach county’s makerspace, and has been co-producing the Miami Mini Maker Faire since it started in 2013.

Our good friend, Ian Cole from Orlando Maker Faire, was also visiting our faire and shared this wonderful collection of sights from the first day.

Cuba, as a result of the U.S. embargo, has diminished resources, but that situation has only empowered these makers’ creativity. Celia Ledón Acosta, a wardrobe designer for Cuba’s Public Theatre, created a sculpted dress made of soda can tabs and made a draped blouse from wide leaf plants.

Alexandra Martinez, Miami New Times
Read more here: http://www.miaminewtimes.com/arts/cuban-artists-shine-at-the-miami-mini-maker-faire-hosted-by-youngarts-8267062

Having visited Cuba many times, I know that few people in the world exhibit the advanced level of ingenuity of the Cuban people. It goes beyond cars to how they’ve had to repurpose everything from furniture to electrical equipment.

Ric Herrero, Producer of the Miami Mini Maker Faire
Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/entertainment/ent-columns-blogs/jordan-levin/article61347837.html

If it seems like making and makers-related projects have been taking off in South Florida, it is through the concerted efforts of a few visionary individuals.

Abel Folgar, Tuffgnarl
Read more here: http://www.tuffgnarl.com/11825-2/



After a fashion show by DesignLab Miami students, instructor Jazmyn Leininger with Rowan Windham Burke, Zoe Goldemberg, Maria Mercenari, Isa Burguera and Naomi Gomez. Credit: Steve Viti

Saturday afternoon about 40 students, ages 6 to 15, of DesignLab Miami turned a stage into a fashion runway. But the fashions they were wearing were their own creations, from concept to the final stitches.

Nancy Dahlberg, Sun-Sentinel
Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/article61534607.html

Parking and Public Transportation options

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Faire this weekend! Entrance to the Faire is directly in front of the YoungArts Plaza facing Biscayne Boulevard. Here are your parking and public transportation options.

Paid Parking: We have valet-operated attendee parking available for $10. Just roll up into 21st Street between Biscayne Blvd. and NE 2nd Avenue and a valet attendant will take your car to a secure lot two blocks from the Faire.

Public Parking: There is plenty of street parking available in the blocks surrounding the Faire.

Metro railTake the Metrorail to Government Center station. Follow signs to the Outer Loop and take a car designated Omni Loop on the Metromover station sign. Once on the Omni Loop, disembark at the Adrienne Arsht Center Station. Take the northbound Trolley located on Biscayne Blvd. and NE 15th Street and stop at NE 21st Street.

Trolley: The trolley is free and runs along Biscayne Blvd. and stops on NE 21st Street. Trolley service runs every 15 minutes Mondaythrough Saturday, 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and Sunday8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

MetrobusBus 3, 16, and 95 – Runs along Biscayne Blvd. and stops on NE 22nd street southbound and NE 21st Street northbound.

Havana-based Makers Engage with their Miami Counterparts at Miami Mini Maker Faire



February 17th, 2016

Miami, FL – A group of 11 independent Cuban makers and entrepreneurs are in Miami to introduce their businesses and creations at the third Miami Mini Maker Faire this weekend.

All 11 entrepreneurs are members of the arts collective that operates the Fabrica de Arte Cubano, an acclaimed mixed-use creative space in Havana, Cuba, and represent a diverse range of craftsmanship, from industrial design and architecture to graphic design, fashion design and bronze sculpting. As first-time exhibitors at Miami Mini Maker Faire, these visiting innovators will join a hundred other regional makers and entrepreneurs to showcase their creations and share their skill-sets with attendees. Fabrica de Arte Cubano co-founder X Alfonso -a classically trained musician and one of the pioneers of Cuba’s hip-hop and afro-rock scenes- will also play an evening concert at the Faire.

Founded in 2013 by local non-profit MIAMade in association with Maker Media and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Miami Mini Maker Faire is an all-ages gathering of tech enthusiasts, artisans, tinkerers, entrepreneurs and educators who get together to show what they make and share what they have learned with local audiences. It’s a festival of do-it-yourself invention, creativity and resourcefulness in celebration of the Maker Movement.

Along with exhibiting their products, the Cuban entrepreneurs are also building two installations for Miami Mini Maker Faire at Miami Industrial Arts and Moonlighter, two local membership-based makerspaces that offer a range of industrial and prototyping tools – from ceramic kilns and CNC routers to 3D printers – for local entrepreneurs and aspiring artisans to bring their ideas to life.

Miami Mini Maker Faire takes place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, February 20th and Sunday, February 21st at the National YoungArts Foundation campus. Tickets are on sale now at makerfairemiami.com. The Music Makers Showcase featuring X Alfonso and Afrobeta takes place from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. on February 20th. Tickets to the Music Makers Showcase are free and can be downloaded at makerfairemiami.com.


Our Directory is Here!

And it forecasts pure RADNESS all weekend long.


Meet Our Makers, Part Deux

We highlight another handful of the more than a hundred makers scheduled to exhibit at this weekend’s Miami Mini Maker Faire:



Miami Mini Maker Faire sponsor Microsoft will host a booth where attendees can build cool Raspberry Pi projects, experience Cloud resources for IoT and even see an initial prototype for water flow analytics.

Pilot VR

pilot vr.png

Pilot VR is a low cost integrated Virtual Reality system with the goal to make Virtual Reality a human experience. The system is composed of the Pilot HMD, the Pilot hand controller, and webcam based motion capture technology.

Blue Pill, Red Pill

Blue Pill.png

Inspired by discarded materials, optical lenses & LED’s, Katerina creates surreal situations transporting you into a parallel world. The viewer is invited to find interconnectedness and wake up from the permanent robotic state of the fast paced world.

Discovering bioluminescent plankton during a night dive in Colombia & fascinated with light,Katerina Friderici designed street lamps, kinetic flashlights and LED bulbs. After degrees in Industrial Design and Communication, she is now interested in studying Biomimicry.

The Mobile Robot Revolution


This presentation will cover some of the background and current commercial and industrial mobile robot systems which are revolutionizing our industries. Some of the tools roboticist used for developing robotic systems will be introduced via a hands on simulation.

Camilo F. Buscaron grew up in Miami. He attended the University of Florida where he built robots at the Machine Intelligence Laboratory. He then worked on a novel electro-mechanical surgical device. Since then he has relocated to Silicon Valley, California and works at a robotics start-up.

01 & MIAMade Presents Wynwood Maker Camp 2016


Wynwood Maker Camp, back again for a third consecutive summer, this summer 2016 at 01! Our camp is designed for kids to explore their interests while building projects centered around exploring electronics, virtual reality, 3D printing, and more.

01 is a prototyping lab for new forms of education, advocating personalized learning through game play. The appropriate new home of the Wynwood Maker Camp for the summer of 2016, five two-week sessions exploring sustainability and wearable technology.

3D Print Yourself

zero point.png

A picture can capture a moment and freeze it in time. Zero Point 3D can immortalize you with a custom 3d printed statue that is a miniature you. Kids growing up too fast, have them scanned and preserve them on your desk. Take more than a picture, take a 3D picture.

Justin Lydle is the owner of Zero Point 3D, with a background in fabrication and a maker from childhood, it all started with Legos. All the equipment for his 3d scanning company was designed, engineered, and built by himself using everything from 3d printing to welding.

Little River Cooperative

Little river.png

Little River Cooperative is a diversified plant business which includes an urban farm, nursery, CSA, farmers market booth and seasonal plant sales and workshops. 

Muriel Olivares and Tiffany Noe run Little River Cooperative together. They manage their farm and nursery using organic guidelines and aim to teach through plant sales, workshops and garden maintenance services.


Meet Our Makers

We’ll be highlighting several of our awesome exhibitors in the week leading up to the Faire. Here are the first five:

MATRIX by AdMobilize


MATRIX, is a platform where people around the world can develop and download IoT (“Internet of Things”) applications. Developers can build IoT apps in minutes. Miami-based start up, Ad Mobilize successfully funded MATRIX on Kickstarter in December.

Recycled Robots

Roldan robots.png

Recycled Robots by Roldan Robot Sculptures are made completely from 100% antiques. A graphic designer by day, maker and Miami local Jorge Roldan takes pride in the ultra cool, always unique robot inventions he designs that somehow also defy gravity.

His personal “making” rule of thumb? Spending no more than $10.00 for any parts and often sourcing donated or found junk. Pieces that have washed up on the beach are always a favorite too!

For more info on Recycled Robots by Roldan Robot Sculptures, visit his site here.


Maker Bright.jpg

Established in 2012, Maker|Bright supports the global maker community with Raspberry Pi and related development boards and accessories. Located in Boynton Beach, Maker|Bright is a startup committed to fulfilling your tinkering needs by providing Raspberry Pi and other development board products.

In fact, Maker|Bright also builds custom kits for organizations looking for educational tools to develop maker skills.

For more info on Maker|Bright, visit their site here.

IS Projects

IS Projects.jpg

IS Projects is a collaborative printmaking and book arts studio located in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Its studio houses letterpress, fine art printmaking and book arts equipment. This Broward-based makerspace offers workshops, hourly studio rental, memberships, book binding services, edition printing and commercial printing.

IS Projects also houses Nocturnal Press, a boutique letterpress print-shop and bindery. The name was declared by a mentor, as a joke that stuck, after several all night book sewing marathons and letterpress sessions. Now, housed within IS Projects, Nocturnal Press boasts a collection of over 150 different wood and leadtypefaces as well as several hundred pounds of borders and ornaments.

For more info on IS Projectsvisit their site here.

Frost Science Pavilion



The Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science will present a very special space with multiple community partners located within the Frost Science Pavilion. 

The Frost Science team will host the activity “Persistence of Vision,” where guests will be able to draw their own 12 panel animation strip, insert them into the drum of a zoetrope and watch their creations come to life. Partner Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) will have its Teaching Artists on hand to guide attendees in making their very own animation flip books.

Other partners inside the Frost Science Pavilion include:
  • CappSci will showcase the Miami Science Barge floating marine laboratory, and discuss solar energy, sustainable agriculture, and marine conservation.
  • The young makers at DesignLab Miami will host a cartoon-inspired fashionshow, which celebrates creativity and recycling.
  • ARTSail, an artist residency program aboard a vessel where works inspired by Miami’s relationship to water are created, will host interactive presentations in hydroponics, aquaponic and coral restoration systems.
  • REM Learning will showcase their Play Make Share program and have hands-on activities for children on design thinking, systems thinking, computational thinking, playing and making.
  • And Stuffmaker will showcase how 3D printing can be used to create figures for stop-motion animation films.

Miami Mini Maker Faire Proudly Presents “Music Makers Showcase”


Miami Mini Maker Faire, an all-ages festival of creativity and innovation that celebrates the Maker Movement, will expand in its third year to feature a “Music Makers Showcase,” highlighting unique, inventive, regional musicians.

Havana-based singer and instrumentalist X Alfonso and Miami’s favorite electro-funk/dance duo Afrobeta will perform along with local beatmaker Guti Talavera as part of the Music Makers Showcase, a free concert being held on Feb. 20 at the National YoungArts Foundation (tickets available here).

“From the first year of Miami Maker Faire, we wanted to host a concert featuring regional artists who embodied the maker spirit – those who excel not just at creating fun and amazing music but also who take a distinctive do-it-yourself approach to things like wardrobe, set design and multimedia production. When the opportunity finally presented itself this year, two names were at the top of our list: X Alfonso and Afrobeta,” said Ric Herrero, founder of MIAMade and lead producer of Miami Mini Maker Faire, which is organized in association with Maker Media and The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

X Alfonso is a classically trained musician and one of the pioneers of Cuba’s hip-hop and afro-rock scenes; he has been nominated for a Grammy award and has won a Goya, Spain’s main national film award. His musical mix of hip-hop, Cuban son, reggae, jazz and rock has been featured in Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura series and in the film “Havana Blues,” for which he won the Goya award for best original music in 2006. Alfonso is also the founding director of Fabrica de Arte Cubano, a mixed arts and performance space and world-class model of collective ingenuity in Havana, Cuba.

Since 2006, native Miami dance duo and band Afrobeta has been bringing their distinct blend of electro-funk and colorful pop culture-inspired costumes, props and theatrics to stages across the globe. Lead singer Cuci Amador co-wrote and performed in the video for “Electro Movimiento,” by Puerto Rican hip-hop duo Calle 13. Guitarist Tony Smurfio has toured with Pitbull and Bacilos. Afrobeta has played at large music festivals around the globe, including Glastonbury, Burning Man and New York Fashion Week.

The Music Makers Showcase takes place from 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. on Feb. 20. Concert admission is FREE and open to the public. Download your free tickets through Eventbrite (click here for tickets).

Follow Miami Mini Maker Faire on Facebook and Twitter. For inquiries, please email us at miamimakers@gmail.com.

Emerging Makers and Innovators to Speak at “Maker Talks”, Hosted by Global Shapers Miami

MiamiMiniMakerFair_Flyer_Talks_F copy.jpg

Our friends at Global Shapers Miami have put together a stellar line-up of talks for Miami Mini Maker Faire. “Maker Talks” will feature emerging makers, innovators and entrepreneurs who combine DIY ingenuity with cutting-edge tools and tried and true practices to create social value and address modern-day challenges. Scroll down to read their bios. Seating at the Maker Talks is limited and will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis.


11:00 am: Mariana Rego – Design Thinking Miami


Mariana Rego is Co-Founder and CEO of Design Thinking Miami, a consulting and professional education firm that helps people and companies solve problems more creatively. She is a trained industrial engineer and business strategist who has applied her problem solving skills in diverse environments, from manufacturing and service design to crisis communication and startup business development. And avid traveler, she has visited 50 countries (so far).

12:00 pm: Rebekah Monson – Code for Miami


Rebekah Monson is a journalist, designer and developer. She co-founded Code for Miami, a Code for America brigade, in 2013 and served as co-captain until 2016. She is the co-founder and VP Product and Editorial at WhereBy.Us, a local media company that produces The New Tropic

1:00 pm: Olivia Ramos – PanHaptic


Olivia Ramos is an inventor and architect residing in Miami, Florida, founder of Panhaptic software and Mental Rhythms applications, co-founder of Work Untitled Magazine and Citybiom. Her software practice began during a residency with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in 2012. She also participated as artist in residency at Cannonball Miami, developing emotional data gathering applications. Olivia holds a Masters in Architecture from Columbia University and a Masters in Real Estate Development & Urbanism from the University of Miami.

2:00 pm: Martin Parlato – Posibl.


Martin is the CEO and founder of Posibl., a media company dedicated to produce content, ideas and events to inspire and promote social impact around the world. After 3 years, Posibl. is a rising voice in social good with initiatives realized in 5 continents by joining forces with entrepreneurs, influencers, recognized celebrities, media partners, brands and organizations in 5 continents to reach 75MM people globally. As CEO of Posibl., Martin maintains contact with numerous for profit and non profit organizations worldwide like Change, Ashoka, United Nations, Junior Achievement, IDB Bank, History Channel, CNN, Eurocase, Groupon, DemocracyOs, RACI, ICW Global, and Red Shoe Movement among others.

A determined and passionate motivator, Martin has been called up as a frequent speaker at recognized events including TEDx, Social Media Days, IDB Foromic Forum, Sustainatopia, RISE Hong Kong from Web Summit, Emerge Americas, Campus Party, The Next Web, and international entrepreneurship competitions. As the official spokesman of Posibl., Martin has been called as a speaker with personalities like Deepak Chopra and is frequently interviewed by media like CNN, NBC, Huffington Post, Fox, Telemundo, Univision or Yahoo. Argentine, 38 years old with a Business Administration Degree, he was named Proud of UADE University in Argentina and started several businesses and start-ups during the last 15 years.

3:00 pm: Daniel Rodriguez – Animusoft


Mr. Rodriguez is an Entrepreneur, Computer Scientist and Roboticist with substantial experience melding technology into the day to day world. Mr. Rodriguez has worked for a wide range of organizations from small start ups to large corporations such as Systemax. With more than 20 years of hands on experience in software engineering he has helped many organizations achieve their goals.

Mr. Rodriguez is currently Founder and CEO of Animusoft makers of Alive and Alive Drones. Alive is a complete software stack for land, air, and sea based drones. Alive Drones are land, air and sea based drones built with Alive used for Small to Large Organizations and Enterprises. Alive is backed by the Alive Mind which is the machine learning pumping heart of the Alive eco-system.


11:00 am: Armand Zepulveda – Dycap

Zepulveda_Armand copy2.jpg

Armand is the CEO of Dycap Media Solutions, an organization using machine intelligence to change the way live events are filmed. Armand, also a Miami native, started as a cameraman for ESPN while studying at the University of Florida. In 2014 he was ranked the number one collegiate cameraman in the country by ESPN.

12:00 pm: Della Heiman – Wynwood Yard


Della was born in Cincinnati, OH, and has lived and worked in the US, Spain, Chile, Israel, Jordan, China, and Ethiopia in the fields of political communications, textile manufacturing, venture capital, health/wellness, and food service. She graduated from Harvard Business School in 2014. Della lives in Miami FL, where she recently launched a culinary incubator (www.thewynwoodyard.com) and healthy fast casual restaurant concept (www.dellabowls.com)

1:00 pm: X Alfonso – Musician, Director of Fabrica de Arte Cubano

x-alfonso2 cropped

Goya-award winning and Grammy-nominated X Alfonso is a classically trained musician and one of the pioneers of Cuba’s hip-hop and afro-rock scenes. His intoxicating mix of hip-hop, son, reggae, jazz and rock has been featured in Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura series and in the film “Havana Blues” for which he won Spain’s Goya Prize for best original music in 2006. He also performed in the historic “Peace Without Borders” concert in Havana organized by Colombian superstar Juanes in 2009. Alfonso is also the director of la Fabrica de Arte Cubano, a multi-level art gallery and performance art space which the Washington Post recently called the place to go see “a younger, edgier, emerging Cuba” and Anthony Bourdain dubbed “the hottest place in Havana”.

2:00 pm: Ana Benatuil – Architect & Singularity University Fellow


Ana C. Benatuil is an Architect and Urbanist Entrepreneur originally from Venezuela and a 2013 Graduate from Florida International University. She was the Knight Foundation Global Impact Competition winner in Miami that led her to the Global Solutions Program at Singularity University at NASA Ames Research Park in Silicon Valley during the summer of 2015. Ana believes that technology has the potential to transform the way we understand, visualize and interact with our physical environment and is now creating a future where buildings become wellness generators for cities rather than objects consuming our natural resources.

3:00 pm: Sachin Bhandari – Turtle Mechatronics


Sachin Bhandari is the Director of Product Development at a local hardware development company – Turtle Mechatronics.  His interests are in robotics and constructing electro-mechanical and opto-mechanical assemblies.  Sachin is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and has achieved certifications in Agile Product Development methodologies as well.

Sachin has worked on a number of computer-assisted navigation systems that have made their way to market in some form or another – from his time at NYU’s minimally invasive surgery lab, to Mako Surgical (now Stryker), to most recently Cirle – where Sachin managed a cross-functional team in the development of an image acquisition and injection system for a surgical microscope, customized for anterior segment eye surgery, which was acquired by Bausch and Lomb.

He will speaking about the initial steps to take when developing a hardware prototype and how to structure your overall product development process. For more information about Turtle Mechatronics – www.turtlemechatronics.com.



MIAMI, FL – The Miami Mini Maker Faire is set to return as a two-day festival on Saturday, February 20thand Sunday, February 21st, 2016!

Over 5,000 attendees will gather at the iconic campus of the National YoungArts Foundation (“YoungArts”) for a weekend full of awe-inspiring inventions, performances and workshops by more than 150 local and regional innovators in science, technology, multi-disciplinary arts, education and design. 

Produced by MIAMade in association with Maker Media, The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science, Miami Mini Maker Faire is a community-focused event at the cross-section between our thriving cultural arts scene and burgeoning science and technology sectors. It features local “makers” and entrepreneurs specializing in everything from robotics, DIY science and technology, and traditional handcrafts, to emerging talent in the visual, literary, design and performance arts. For 2016, YoungArts has joined the Faire as a title sponsor.

“Since its launch in 2013, Miami Mini Maker Faire sought to explore and celebrate the natural relationship between STEM and the arts, by highlighting local and regional talent in these fields. Partnering with YoungArts for the 2016 festival really takes that mission to the next level and sets a new standard for representation of the arts in Maker Faires throughout the world. We couldnt be more excited to have them onboard,” said MIAMade founder, Ric Herrero.

“We are thrilled to support and host the third edition of Miami Mini Maker Faire at YoungArts” said Esther Park, Director of Campus Programming,  “The way audiences are experiencing art today and how we choose to tap the next generation of talent is tied to technology, innovation and cross-disciplinary communications.  This partnership fosters a dialogue across genres – one that is important during this exciting time in Miami.”

“Bringing together Miami creatives and innovators of all kinds to showcase their work and help support connections and collaboration is essential to putting Miami on the map as a place where ideas are built,” said Matt Haggman, Knight Foundation program director for Miami. “The Miami Maker Faire continues this effort. It gets better each year and provides a terrific platform for people to learn, meet, make and enjoy.”

Miami Mini Maker Faire is an opportunity for artists, engineers, tinkerers, entrepreneurs and educators to connect with peers and share their passions and ideas with the community at large. It is a place to inspire the next generation of makers.

Tickets on sale now through our Eventbrite page. Our Call for Makers (exhibitors, performers, speakers and educators) is now open through January 20th, 2016. Follow Miami Mini Maker Faire on Facebook and Twitter for updates. For inquiries, please email us at miamimakers@gmail.com

2014 Miami Mini Maker Faire: One Heck Of A Maker Block Party!

Life is about the people you meet and the things you create.

Here I sit on my patio, still reeling and reminiscing about the previous 48 hours. I am absolutely stunned at the amount of energy, passion and creativity that our community has and I’m betting that over 3,500 people who joined us yesterday know exactly what I’m talking about! We were honored to host over 110 makers who brought such fantastical and whimsical fare to our second annual Miami Mini Maker Faire, that I didn’t stop hearing wonderful comments.

The Miami Mini Maker Faire production and volunteer teams couldn’t be happier with how well Miami received us for our second year. When guests ask us when this is happening again, we are happy and sad at your groans for waiting another year. Rest assured that we will be back and we will continue to get better at gathering the creative spirit of our community. There are far too many of you who get a kick out of the curiosities that our makers bring to the Faire to stop doing this any time soon!

We want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to our sponsors and supporters who help make this production possible. Your help is making Miami’s maker community thrive!

The folks at MAKE who trail blaze paths across the world.
Our lead sponsor and community catalyst, The Knight Foundation.
MIAMade, The Miami Maker community anchor and lead producer of the Faire.
Our gracious principal host, The LAB Miami.
Huge thanks to the folks from Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science.
Also, much appreciation and thanks to Roblox, Brightbox, FIU Information and Computing Sciences, eMerge Americas, South Florida Hack and Tell, 1Click3DPrint, Wyncode, O Cinema, The Lightbox, and Jaycon Systems.

Instead of looking back at this year’s Faire, we’ll leave you with thoughts, comments and exclamations from others who think fondly of us. And we’ll dig into getting ready for next year.

Until then! Keep making awesome in Miami!


Mike Greenberg, South Florida Hack and Tell on behalf of the 2014 Miami Mini Maker Faire Production Team:

Ric Herrero, MIA Made
James Herring, Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science
Danny Lafuente, The LAB Miami
Steve Luis, FIU Computing and Information Sciences
Vivian Martell, O Cinema
Jessica Mejia, Americorps VISTA
Jennifer Mendez Alba, Americorps VISTA




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